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We take special care to breed beautiful, healthy and sound Collies. We breed both Rough and Smooth Collies in all colors, including the uncommon White Collie. Most of our breeding stock are A.K.C. champions. All puppies are whelped out in the TV room, so they get a lot of one-on-one socialization. All of our dogs include our written health guarantee and all non-show dogs are sold on a limited registration with a spay/neuter agreement. This is because we want to help protect the health and longevity of the breed. Collies can have inherited health problems, like any other breed, that we do not want to perpetuate. Breeding dogs can cause a lot of heartache if the puppies die and a lot of vet bills due to complications. If you want to buy a bitch to breed, think about the $800 stud service, vet bills (cesarean section =$1,200+) the worming, health checks, shots and eyecheck exams of the puppies ($800+ per litter) etc. 

We breed when we want something to show, so some years we have one litter, other years we may have more. Sometimes a litter is just 1 puppy, sometimes it's 10! 


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Pictures of Special Puppies from the Past

Jazz is pictured with her daughter Norma, who grew up to be Ch. Special Northern Lights. Jazz is the best brood bitch we ever had, producing beautiful healthy puppies. Six of her twelve offspring finished their championships.

This little cutie is from the last litter sired by our beloved Angus. Her name is Brandy, she was bred by Mountainside Collies and is now co-owned with Judy Gilland and living in Tennessee. Brandy's brother Ruben is pictured on the right. Ruben is a big white fluffy teddy bear. A third puppy from the litter, Bunny, is a sable-headed white rough female who is just beautiful.


An amazing photo...

You never see two bitches in a whelping box at the same time, regardless of the breed. There is too much risk that the puppies will be injured or killed by the non-nursing bitch. 

Pictured here is Jazz (left) and Ruby. The puppies are Ruby's, but Jazz insists on mothering all puppies born here, even though she is 9 years old and spayed. Jazz carefully pushes the puppies out of the way and then makes a spot for herself in the box. Normally, we would never let another female near a bitch with a litter, but all of the girls just seem to know that Jazz is there to love and clean the puppies, giving the real mama a much needed respite.


Pictured above are 3 week old puppies. Can you tell who is rough and smooth?

Pictured above is "Tommy" who grew to become Ch.Special Hot Country Knight. He is the sire of the puppy girls on the left.


Tommy's daughter Hannah, who lives in Alabama.

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"


This is Paula at about 3 months old. She looks so sweet and innocent, doesn't she? This is also Paula. At 2 years old, we had to rush her to the vet at 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning (= big $) as she had somehow managed to get a marrow bone over her canines during the night, and couldn't get it off, causing her tongue to swell. The vet had to sedate her and then use a power saw to cut the bone off. I took this photo as proof for my friends. Paula is now spayed and is owned and adored by the Scibetta family of NY.

"Blackie" at 6 months old with his buddy, Freckles the Cat . "Blackie" is now neutered and lives in New Jersey with best friend "Romeo" and their owner Nelson. 

This handsome guy grew up to be Ch.Special Harlequin Romance "Quinnie" who finished his championship at a mere 8 months old!

Isn't she a beauty? "Abby" now resides in CT.

Say "Cheese!"

Ginger and puppies

"Ginger" is co-owned with my best friend Judy Gilland of North Country Collies, Watertown, Tennessee. Ginger is the dam of Quinnie.


"Gloria" This cutie is Ginger's granddaughter. She definitely knows she's a beauty!