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When looking for a dog to buy over the internet, it's hard to know who you're dealing with and whether or not the breeder is honest and fair or just has a fancy website.

Adding a dog to the family is a big decision and I ask potential buyers a lot of questions to gauge whether or not they would make a good home for one of my dogs. I have no problem with anyone checking me out as a breeder. However, looking at my website, you can see my dogs have done their fair share of winning over the last 20 years. The people I have competed against and beat are not always singing my praises. So, if you would like a good reference on me and my dogs, I have provided the following list:


My Veterinarians:

Park Place Vet - Dr.Winnie Morenz, Dr.Carla Folkert and Dr.Kathy Reilly  - Keene, NH 603-357-4049

MA Veterinary Referral Hospital - Woburn, MA - Dr. Nancy Cottrill - 781-932-5802 (certified opthamologist)


Club Affiliations:

Collie Club of America:

(Collie Club of America President's Award Winner for Smooth Breeder of the Year - won 3x)

  NH District Director - Dianne Bishop - gbish0@comcast.net

  MA District Director - Andrea Nelson -  cacollies@comcast.net

  ME District Director - Barbara Corriveau - crispincol@aol.com


Collie Health Foundation - Treasurer - Nancy McDonald - nancy@collieexpressions.com

(CHF Board Member, Treasurer, Auction Manager - President's Award for Volunteer of the Year)

Collie Club of New England - Officer - Annette Stringer - sealorecollies@aol.com

Cheshire Kennel Club - Officer - Terry Jo Terrell - featherstone2farm@yahoo.com

Collie Rescue League of New England - Diane Mancini -

I also belong to the American Working Collie Association and the International White Collie Club - Past president of the now-defunct American Smooth Collie Association.


Service Dogs Organizations:

We have donated dogs to www.neads.org of MA and www.freedomguidedogs.org of NY and one of our dogs is the service dog for the executive director of www.caninesforkids.org


A Few Other References:

Maine - Kathy Bangs - Flatlander52@aol.com   

            Chele Dubois chelehikes@yahoo.com

            Cheryl Martel (Arrowstar Collies) arrowstarcollies@hotmail.com 

CT -     Chris Bailey - chris.bailey2@hotmail.com

           Kelly Kasheta kelakash@cox.net

NH -     Tracey Strother (Storybook Collies) storybook384@tds.net  

             Joany White (Mountainside Collies) mtside@ncia.net 

            Amee Abel aabel98@hotmail.com

VT -     John and Katee Dyer (Caledonia Collies) caldonia@sover.net

            Holly Tuck (802)

RI -     Carol LaRiviere (Forecast Collies) roonsey@hotmail.com

MD -     Sharon Mullaney - lachkicollies@aol.com

MA -     Lynn Horrigan - phorrigan@comcast.net)

NY -     Judie Evans (Clarion Collies) jevans@aol.com 

NJ -     Pat Yeager  chuckpat1@aol.com  

            Tina Pirro  kmpirro@msn.com

CA -     Martha Ramer - (Society Collies) societycol@earthlink.net

             Rese Farrish - resefarrish@me.com

PA -     Erin Blaisure (Tir Na N'Og Collies) tirnanogcollies@epix.net

TN -     Judy Gilland (North Country Collies) jgiflyhome@gmail.com

WV -     Bev Schwab - bschwab2001@yahoo.com

FL -     Melinda Everett - jazzmadr@hotmail.com

OH -     Sherry Kronheim (Collies of Huntington Woods) Huntingtoncollie@aol.com

MI -     Troy Sawade (Bluwater Collies) tsclasp@hotmail.com

WA -     Mary Franden - mfranden@sonic.net

Canada - Jeanine Howell (Collection Colleys)  collectioncolley@ordiamicus.com

Germany - Stephanie Noelle - (Heatherland Collies) - s.noelle@heatherland.de

Austria - Karin Herbel - flyingheartbreaker@aon.at